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The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department is committed to making Arkansas roadways a safe, beautiful, and dynamic transportation system for all who travel through the state.

Being focused on implementing and managing state and Federal initiatives that bring greater opportunity for personal mobility and access, the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) concentrates its efforts mainly on construction and maintenance of the state’s highway system.

Because of the district approach and the formation of small rural communities rather than towns by Arkansas residents, the system is flawed from its foundation. Consisting of over 16,442.90 miles (26,462.28 km) of Interstates, U.S. Routes, state highways, and bannered routes, the Arkansas highway system had consistently ranked as one of the worst until 1999 when the AHTD launched a $575 million dollar project revamping over 350 miles of infrastructure.

Some of its largest endeavors have taken place since being approved in 2011 by voters. What is known as the Interstate Rehabilitation Program, has blossomed into approximately 75-80 individual improvement tasks across the entire state. With the bulk of the work in progress by 2015, the goal is to make Arkansas one of the best and most efficient interstate systems in the US.

As well as the Rehabilitation Program, the voters of Arkansas approved Issue Number 1 in 2012, which will fund the 1.8 billion dollar Connecting Arkansas Program also known as “CAP”. This project has a 10 year time frame to see these tasks brought to fulfillment.

With over 20 departments the AHTD has employment opportunities available through the Personnel Department (which can be reached at  (501) 569-2457) Among those services most relevant to the public would be those that report road and travel conditions, maintain welcome centers and rest areas, update road and lane closures and width restrictions as well as permitting for various vehicles and special situations.

The AHTD has such a significant history they have recorded it in the Historical Review Volume 2. available for purchase. The recorded history begins just before the turn of the century, and more officially in 1913, and continues through to the year 2003.

In its attempt to bring the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department into the information age, the AHTD has developed a “travel and construction information portal” known as IDRIVEARKANSAS. Developers have even put together its own app for your mobile device, found at the Google Play App Store. This features live traffic conditions, construction zone information and a real-time weather map usable across computers and mobile devices.

Keeping up with the times, the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department has committed itself to planning, executing and operation of environmentally sound road construction and maintenance practices in accordance with environmental laws, regulations, and policies.

Among divisions of the environmental division of the AHTD, is the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) which plans, designs, and constructs as well as maintains larger scale transportation facilities for public use in regards to managing storm water.